Who we are

Our roots lie in the world of metadata and we have been formed as a result of requests from the communities who have participated in the various Metadata forums and conferences held in Australia since the International Metadata Forum 2008

The Institute of Metadata Management was formally launched at Meta 2011.

If you attended Meta2011 and are not sure whether you are formally registered as a member of the IMM please contact us at info@metalounge.org

Whilst we aim to work globally the term “governance” is, by definition, related to the context within which it exists. Because of this there is a distinctive cultural, economic, demographic and governance relationship that exists particularly between some of the leading Commonwealth countries who have themselves led in the move towards Gov 2.0 and Open Government. Our roots lie in the Metadata world and the heritage of the International Metadata Forums held globally.

What we are doing

There are fundamental changes creating global paradigm shifts and new business models through technology, culture and governance. The key driver of these shifts is use of information and access to information. Fundamental to the enablement of the information use is metadata.

Therefore we would like to:
  • Raise the profile of metadata its importance in the changing world in order to enable organisations and governments to better leverage emerging business and governance models.
  • Provide an authoritative voice on best practice metadata application and management.
  • Nurture an emerging profession by providing the forums for collaboration, driven by the community passion for metadata.

The Institute of Metadata Management Overview The Institute of Metadata Management Overview (828 KB)

IMM Constitution IMM Constitution (243 KB)